Frequently Asked

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We get a lot of questions about our services, so we have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions below.

Window Tint Questions

We get this question a lot, and we are here to help! The window film goes on the inside of the window, however, we do cut out and shrink the film on the outside of the window first.
We sure hope this never happens, but our window tint lifetime warranties are backed by the manufacturer, which means any dealer in the nation can fix it for free. We love our customers, and would be more than happy to handle the warranty for you.

We have agreements with our distributors that we will only install products purchased from them. This is good for you because you know that you are getting the highest quality product, every time!
We will never turn down clean windows! But regardless, we clean the windows around 8 times before we apply the film.

Each state has its own laws, but in Indiana, the legal tint limit is 30%.

Remote Start Questions

Every car is different, with that being said, 2-6 hours. We strongly recommend that you drop your car off in the morning of your appointment, and we will call you when it's done.
All of our remote starts are Avital Products. Avital is owned by DEI, which is the worlds largest producer of remote starts.

Yes, there is an option for Smart Smart to be able to start your car from anywhere. Oh, and you can also lock, unlock, and gps track it!
We offer warranties based on the unit you buy. It is from 1 year to lifetime.
All of our remote starters have a range of 1500ft (That's 5 football fields! So whether at work or home, you should be able to start your car!

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